I dreamt we spoke, I dream we spoke again…

Last night in my dream, you actually spoke, and I woke up remembering what you said.

It sort of explained the current situation and I guess I accept the way the ghost of you summed it all up.


Insomnia post, don’t mind me

But in the back of my head, I always think I’m going to get that phone call. That phone call that says it’s too late to fix things. I kind of really hope that never happens, I kind of don’t think I’d get a phone call to tell you the truth…

Solo traveler poems

So I wrote this on a beach in La Jolla California before I jumped into the water.

“I sit by you, consumed with fear

Thinking of someone I once held dear.

I look to the left and right,

No familiar face in sight

And smile,

Because this is a place that I could stay for awhile.

Under the sand, treasures await

For bands that might never discover their fate.

Umbrellas and chairs, flip-flops and hats

Never leave without being covered in sand, rats!”