I really hate watching people I love get sick.


31 days 31 costumes

So I’ve been doing 31 days, 31 costumes on my baby niece for October and it’s the cutest thing ever! Today she was a butterfly princess and we went to the museum to see the butterflies! She is so enthralled with everything, she notices everything! I thought she would take a nap in the stroller, but instead she soaked up everything! She is such a smart little girl!

It’s the season for creepy nightmares

when you wake up from a nightmare physically shaken, gasping for breath…

Well, at least they aren’t about you anymore.

This guy was literally torturing me because I didn’t want anything to do with him. My arms were covered with things he had struck me with/ stuck into me. Gah…what a scary scary nightmare.

I’d almost prefer insomnia to this stuff.