Musings of an insomniac

Today was long.  I’m attempting to try to put some order into the chaos that is my life.  Lists. Lists are good for Amber.  I made a list today, most of those things got done therefore another list will be in store for tomorrow.  I woke up did made some coffee, did my devotional and got ready to go to the dentist this morning.  All of these are crazy awesome because I have to drag myself out of bed at the last possible second most days and I just show up like hey I’m here brushes a wrinkle out of my clothes and I tend to overlook this messy hair of mine.  Came back home after being tortured at the dentist went to take Billy, my goat, (yes I have a goat) some old food that I put together for him.  Nothing goes to waste when you have a goat by the way.  Went to work and dragged, literally my butt to the gym.  Its really cold in Texas today.  Texas amber does not like the cold she will use this as an excuse to not go to the gym but I was forced and cohersed so I went and I’m happy I went.  I did about 30 mins of cardio ran for a solid 1 minute 10 seconds.  Laugh all you want but for someone who has never ran in their life this is pretty sweet.  Hit the weights, I like the weights and saunaed a bit.  I came home and typed up this story I wrote about friendships to be considered for a book.  I don’t think my name will be mentioned per se but I’ll know I wrote it and I get a free copy of the book if mine gets choosen so fingers crossed.  Well lovely readers, all 16 of you, its 3am and I have to be up at 7am so Im signing off.  Thank you for reading.

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough trouble of its own” Matthew 6:34


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