Wait, you started a blog and then stopped?

Yes, I started a blog and then stopped.  Story of my life.  Started to lose weight and then stopped, started to go to school and then stopped, started to get my life together but then stopped, started a novel but then stopped.  I see a pattern here.  Well, it is true I’m not good at routine and I’m not good at finishing things.  I don’t like to be taken out of my comfort zone but I will change this.  I am currently participating in a dietbet to get myself back on track with the gym.  If I lose 13 pounds in a month which, I think is plausible, I will split a pot that keeps getting bigger but last I checked was at 37,000 dollars.  So there’s that.  I’m back to reading about 2-3 devotionals a day and making my way through the Bible.  That’s one thing I haven’t lost hope in.  To quote the ever talented kind of creepy Miley Cyrus, “It’s all about the climb”  well you know what it really is.  I’ve been through the ringer and I keep coming back for more.  I recently went to Los Angeles and decided I was going to get as close to that Hollywood sign as I could.  No one told me I would hike about 10 miles that day, and mostly uphill.  That wasn’t the challenge I faced at all.  Yes I’m a bit overweight but I love to climb things so that was the easy part.  The challenges that I faced were the heat and dragging my friend and their “broken back” up these steep scary paths they were not able to.  But the thing is, I had seen pictures from where I was heading and they were breathtaking and it was something I had to see for myself, with my own eyes.  So I did the hike in some parts 2 to 3 times trying to find the easiest way to get my friend up the path and when we got there some hours later, let me tell you the journey was more than worth it.  So I leave you with this, the path to the beauty ahead, does not come easy.  There will be struggles, there will be failures but the beauty in life comes from what you make out of it.  It does not matter what others are doing with their lives it matters only what you are doing with yours.  When you look back at your life, will it be lived, or will it be just a routine that you were a part of, never actually climbing that mountain to see what the scenery had to offer?cali


One thought on “Wait, you started a blog and then stopped?”

  1. Ever talented kind of creepy Miley Cyrus was one of my favorite parts of this post!! Haha you are so good at putting your thoughts into words.


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