Jesus take the wheel

As a teen, I was a horrible driver!  But, who isn’t though? Wreck after wreck, crash after crash, smash after smash, it was tough on my folks and tough on my vechicle.  Fast forward to the year 2015 and I’m in my late 20s, driving two cars that have been meaning to get rid of for months, if not years.  My parents invite me to lunch, I signal to get on the freeway boom and the. The sound of metal scraping, and I have no control of my car…well that’s awesome I’m going to die right here on this major freeway no big deal.  Well, by some sort of miracle I am able to get the car to the side of the road and commense freaking out.  Don’t get me wrong, this is a huge disaster but maybe I’d feel less angry and more thankful for my life if the same thing hadn’t happened a month ago! What the actual heck!?  So my mechanic tried to kill me or something…God forbid one tire rod snaps or whatever happened, hmm…maybe we should check the other side!!!

Nevertheless, I digress.  I like my life, I don’t really want to tempt fate by driving around in a car that repeatedly tries to harm me.  I’m contemplating life and destroying this car when my parents pull up, shortly after the safe clear towtruck that I called pulls up.  The plan is to tow the car to the mechanics, you remember the one that tried to kill me, when a police officer appears from behind the tow truck and approaches all three of us (my dad, me and the tow truck driver) and asks us what the conversation in the side of the freeway was about.  Daisies officer, daisies.  I like to contemplate daisies on the side of the freeway with my parents and a tow truck driver I will have to pay for his time and thoughts about the daisies is what I should have said if I wasn’t keeping up with the news and scared of police officers.  My dad, who is blind in case I have failed to mention, said who are you?  The officer said who am I? Can you not read this badge?  I said no he can’t he’s actually blind and by that time my dad who is high strung was mad and the officer continues to be rude to my dad, and my dad right back to him and finally my dad said you didn’t identify yourself to me how am I supposed to know you’re an officer.  At that point the officer tells the tow truck driver to load the car there’s nothing more to discuss. Mind you we’ve already talked to the tow truck driver about using his services to go to the mechanics.  The officer then smarts off and tells me to watch my dad we wouldn’t want him wandering into traffic.  Really? Of course the chicken shit I am just sat there and took it.  After we pull off the freeway we are having the tow truck follow us and the officer drives up to my window and asks me where the car is going, still very rude and I told him the mechanics.  He then said well you need to tell the tow truck driver that and I said we had agreed on that before you walked up and dismissed all of us.  I get that tension is high right now because of everything going on but there was no reason for him to act that way torqued my dad.  That shows me, that there’s a lack of respect for those with disabilities.  I wasn’t aware that blind people were supposed to identify themselves as such.  Also, the rudeness and lack of respect to two law abiding citizens who happened to be distressed and in danger on the side of that freeway was unacceptable, maybe if we were breaking a law but the only thing I broke was my car!  

At the end of my rant here, I’d like to thank God for this and all hard situations that make us learn.  I ask God to give us strength to deal with the small things, the strength to deal with superiors that are unkind who knows, maybe it’s a stress factor, may I just use this blog to vent and not hold a grudge against this human, because we are all humans and we all have faults.  Let us respect those that have disabilities and treat them like humans and not less.  Mostly is like to thank Him for the opportunity to purchase a new, safe car in which I hope to have many new adventures in.  Thank you God for always being present in my life even when I don’t see you.


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