Fresh bed, fresh head

Fresh mindset.  Starting over fresh and with a positive mind.  Blah, blah blah…but it feels good!  Two days back with the devotionals and I just came back from the gym woot.  I have a short term/long term goal depending on your definition of time, I am going to jump out of a plane for my 30th birthday!  This gives me something to look forward to I am hoping to slim down a bit before then as well.  The thought has occurred to me that maybe it all works itself out.  I’m thinking really hard about what my next step is.  I can’t say that I know the answer to that question but lets just say that it is finally making its presence known in my head.  Hey Amber, what’s next?  You, know if money wasn’t an issue and you were to ask me what my dream job would be, first and foremost I’ve always wanted to be a writer, that’s a given.  But if I could have any job on Earth, I’d be some semi popular bands merch girl.  I would love to travel the world with a band, sell their gear and even promote/book them.  This is something I’ve wanted to do for years since my buddies had their own bands.  So, if there happens to be a member of a band that would want to feed me, house me, and road trip me all around, inquire here!  Will help drive, and I have a clean and clear driving record.  I have super strength and if you show me how to break down your equipment I’ll help do that too!  What better way to see the world then to travel with a band?  I also have great music taste!


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