In a few hours I will be traveling to New Orleans and just like any time that I happen to travel, I wait to the last minute and everything goes wrong.  Where the heck did I put that garage key?  My dryer is in my garage and I’ve just washed a load of clothes thinking I’d be able to dry them before the morning…evidently not.  So far I’ve packed two pairs of jeans and two pairs of underwear…evidently I’ve decided to go topless?  Just kidding.  I hate packing but I love going!  In fact, I only just recently as in 5 minutes ago unpacked from my trip to New York that happened in September….whoops.

I am a procrastinator.  I don’t like to do things.  My room has been a disaster for months.  Things just don’t pan out for me the way they should.  My head won’t tell my body to put things up!  So many things, so little space on the floor on to which to place them, but I am trying…I’m starting with little things first.  I almost washed all my dishes today, I washed my clothes but it looks like they won’t be drying anytime soon!

Speaking of clothes, its so awful not to fit in my clothes.  I will get back into my routine this month but it’s with such a heavy heart that I try to find clothes to wear on this trip.  Big girls don’t cry, right?  It just hurts!  I came so far just to fall over and over again but I will get back to where I was.  No pressure, just hopeful and consistency is what Im praying for.

Things will get better, I just have to keep a good mindset and strive, not abandon all my goals.  Day 2 of the new month, and I’m one day in the green with my no sodas and back to my one gallon of water.  It might be hard on this trip to do, but I am going to try!  Scratch that, I will get my gallon in.  I’m excited to spend some time with my family plus, a couple days off of work never hurt anyone.

I did about 3 or 4 devotionals last night to catch up to the beginning of the month as sometimes I hate to admit I’m not regular about devotionals.  I miss days sometimes, nonetheless I caught up last night and some of the things I read struck home.  In my joys and strengths, you are here to celebrate with me, in my weaknesses you are there, when I grieve, you grieve.  What does that mean to me, at this time in my life I feel as though you are grieving with me but you are tired of seeing me grieve, you are ready for me to pick up the pieces of and continue.  Alright I am off, the road calls.  I owe you all 500 more words today.


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