We made it to New Orleans today after a minor bump in the road. We were stuck in Texas for hours because of some sort of accident. Once we were able to get on the road, the drive wasn’t too bad. I caught some shut eye after driving the first half and woke up in Louisiana. We have an amazing hotel room with an even more amazing bathtub that I fully intend on using tomorrow, I’m being lazy today. We gambled, ate and walked all around bourbon street. In the picture, we stopped at a restaurant that actually is a mansion and supposedly haunted. My sister and I had cocktails, coffee and dessert it was incredible! 
Hopefully this post actually takes, I seem to have pressed something crazy and the formatting may be off a bit.  I love traveling!  Ideally I’d love to see the whole world!  Not sure if I hit my 1000 words for the day but I’m turning for the night, and don’t have a word count available on my phone.  I finally was able to start Travis Barkers new book “can I say” I have been looking forward to it for months.  He’s actually doing a show with antemasque Saturday and I am hoping to get my book signed!  Goodnight everyone, may your night be as good as mine!



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