Thank you guys

Thank you all for the interest you take in reading my posts, even if its only one of you in this entire universe, it means the world to me.  I have been up since 4 this morning.  Had to head back from New Orleans to make work at 1 pm today, so I am a bit exhausted.  I meant to hit the gym but I was too tired so yet again I skipped.  Whatever Amber, its on next week no excuses.  I drank my gallon of water today and have a gorgeous piece of salmon in the oven as I type.  I was able to finally purchase some Himalayan pink salt that I am trying out on the salmon.  I have been so intrigued by this stuff since I first saw it in Dallas last year.  The smell is incredible, so I am hopeful!

It’s good to be back home.  Even though I was only gone two days, there’s always something peaceful about coming home from a trip.  Setting your bags down and tending to the housework you left behind, which is what I will be up to tonight.  My room has been a disaster for awhile, and I have vowed to get that back together.  So I shall!

I’ve been really interested in doing some word art lately and I am thinking about seriously doing that soon.  I have new vinyl, lots of knick knacks and poetry that I could combine in with said knick knacks and see what happens.  Could make for some interesting wall art, or Christmas presents.  I want my family to enjoy my creativity as much as I do even though I’ve been wasting it lately.

I’m in the market for a new chandelier and each and every one that I pass lately has been enticing me.  I have a smallish 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house, and my chandelier is super old and perfect, as it is a family heirloom, but my uncle some how broke it a few months ago…no telling what he was doing when he broke it, but i digress.  I’d like a semi small very beautiful radiant chandelier to take its place and I’m hoping to fall in love with the right one soon.

So many ideas for the remodeling of the house, I can’t wait to have it all come together.  We had removed the carpet some months back and the wood floors are going to be restored its going to be beautiful when it all comes together.  My younger sister (21) will be moving in with me and we have some plans but mostly will stick to the vintagey retro chic look that the house already kind of has.  We will be adding a coffee/wine nook in the living room.  My Papal built this beautiful long wood cabinet that he and Mamaw used to store all the stuffed animals he won for her from the little crane machines at local stores.  We will use that to display our mugs and wine glasses and such.  I have quite the impressive collection of coffee mugs.

I’ve been kind of hard on myself lately.  Mostly because of my lack of going to the gym lately but its a new month, and things are going to get going soon.  I’m still planning on trying for 21 days in a row.  They say it takes 21 days to form a habit and I miss my gym sessions.  I guess its kind of hard when you are so down on yourself, but like I said my clothes haven’t been fitting right and that just kind of bums me out.  Instead of being bummed out, I need to go work on fixing that.  I love working out!  I just have to convince my head to get me there.  It’s amazing how much power your thoughts have on you.

I’m ready to go on another trip, I don’t like to stay still too often.  I really want to go hiking for a few days, lose my cell phone and just be one with nature and my thoughts and see if I don’t get an idea or two.  Natural bodies of water are so peaceful to me, that is what I would want to hike around/to.  When I was in 6th or 7th grade, I believe it was 7th grade, we took a school trip to Big Bend national park and I enjoyed it so much.  I did the Window hike and remembered thinking how amazing it was that I had hiked such a long hike.  I have wanted to go back ever since, and one day I will make it back out there.  I would also love to make it back out to Colorado and do some more camping out there.  One of my best friends from high school lives out there and she took my sister and I camping and it was cold but fun!

For now, I think Enchanted Rock would serve just fine, so one of these days I’m going to go out there and at least get a feel for what I am wanting to do even if its not exactly traveling somewhere.  I need to actually research some new places to check out around Texas.  I know for sure I would like to check out lovers leap in Waco and there’s a spot I’d like to check out near Lampasas.  Rocks, natural water, I am there!

I’m ready for a new tattoo, I’m pretty sure this will be my last, for awhile at least.  I am going to get one in memory of my Papal.  He would hate it, but I think it would be a good way to honor him.  He hated my tattoos but especially my plugs and honestly since he’s passed, I don’t have the heart to put them in my ears anymore, so I’ll probably let them close.  I guess this is growing up.  So much to do so little time!  I’m ready to take the next step forward!  Off to enjoy this salmon and do my devotionals.


3 thoughts on “Thank you guys”

  1. Wow, lots of plans coming together nicely. I’m another one for needing to sort out my room….personally, I think the fairies come during the dark of the night and mess it up again.

    Hiking without any technology is a sure way to free your mind from life’s incessant noise and overload.

    I shall look forward to seeing the chandelier. I love them and have my favourite in the kitchen; where everyone seems to think that it is a rather odd place for a chandelier but, why not. How was the salmon?


    1. The kitchen sounds like a great place for one! I don’t honestly know what would go in its place if I were just to remove the chandelier.

      Sometimes I just want to “turn off” from everything it all becomes a bit overwhelming sometimes.

      The salmon was good! A tad bit too salty, I will need to invest in a grinder for the salt.

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      1. Trial and error is often the only way to find out.

        When I feel as you do, I take myself outdoors; be it at the end of the garden or on a long walk in the woods. Allowing myself to be lost in the moment and to see things that I wouldn’t ordinarily see if I was running or in a hurry. Do you ever do any yoga or mediation? It’s a great calmer and often allows us to pour all those emotions out instead of being trapped inside and making us foggy and unproductive.


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