Back to the lab again

My daily struggles seem to be about the same, staying on task!  Today I finally went back to the gym yet again, I am trying to get back into this habit and not have too start over again and again.  I met my step goal and it’s officially been 12 days since I’ve had soda or fast food which, is a bit of a big deal to me as I’m single and I work crappy hours so it’s very easy to just say yolo and eat some crap that is gross and gross for me.

I joined another dietbet, I am pretty excited, and getting back on the scale, I’m actually 9 lbs down from where I started which is way better than I thought.  I figured I’d be heavier now than the first dietbet but yay!  I also was able to get my steps in today, I bumped them up to 13000 about midway into October, and was doing pretty good until this last week.

Enough of that stuff, today was super busy at work.  We have this thing here called the Nutcracker Market, which is like the neatest Christmas shopping craft show/spend all your money on cute expensive stuff market.  We go every year, and this year we are taking Mamaw.  We actually tailgate it too, with mimosas and quiche…its kind of a big deal.  To me, that announcing the beginning of the Holiday season.  I need to start shopping.  I’m hoping to get a head start on Christmas this year.

I started a new chapter in the Bible today, Judges.  I have been reading the Bible straight through for awhile now, and my goal is to read it in its entirety, don’t really have a time stamp for that but that’s something that I want to get done in my lifetime.  It’s always nice to make a little more progress.

I’m ready to go on another trip.  I’m not sure where just yet, but I’m ready.  Work is pretty tight though, we just lost another employee so I’m not too sure that I’ll be able to leave anytime soon and, I might be working mornings instead of nights which, is a good thing I suppose except I have super bad anxiety when it comes to opening, I’m not quite sure why but it would be a breath of fresh air to get off during the day.  I could work out during the day instead of night, and maybe actually be able to go on a date from time to time.

I started a new book, Girl on a Train.  I’m only a few pages in but it seems really good thus far.  The author gives great descriptions of both the characters, and the atmosphere.  I’ve had my nose stuck in a book for months.  We have new phones at work now, they are horrible…like awful.  They beep at us and scream at us and I’ve lost several calls because we weren’t given instructions on how to use them…whoops

Two of my coworkers are leaving to go onto another company.  While I’m super happy and excited for them, I’m kind of like when is it my turn?  To be honest though, it’s never going to be my turn if I don’t try, and I can’t remember the last time I’ve even had a resume.  I’d hate to leave my boss high and dry, but I’m ready for a change of sorts.  But, what do I want to do for a living?  Besides the obvious, I have no clue.

I made some amazing chicken when I got back from the gym just a bit ago, I just put a little olive oil and some pink salt down, put the chicken breasts on top and then sprinkled with a lemon pepper seasoning and yum!  I need to stock up on veggies, because I had really nothing to go with it.  I made 4 breasts, so I’ll have lunch for the next few days!  Yay.  I actually might take one when I babysit Friday, that way I have something to eat.

We went to Michaels the other day, and I bought a new fitness journal, thinking it might inspire me, I’ll start it during the new year.  It is super groovy, has all these stickers and quotes and such and the other day, I got a new planner too.  My planner is geared more toward my devotionals and day to day agendas, whereas my fitness journal will be just a fitness journal and hopefully it will help me fall in love with the gym again.

My best friend is coming down in a week!  Not sure where he is going to stay as my house in a construction zone!  But, if nothing else there’s always a couch!  I’m super excited to help him find his new home in Austin, the city of my dreams!  Hopefully we will be able to get in some fun, after all the important stuff such as meetings at the job, apartment hunting and all that jazz goes down.  He’s never been on 6th street and my sister hasn’t been on 6th street legally.  Hopefully it will be a good time and hopefully we can go chill at graffiti park because graffiti park is bae.  It’s going to be so awesome to have my friend like one major city away, instead of two states away!  So groovy! I wish him so much success in a new state!

It’s getting pretty late so I guess I should start attempting sleep.  I’ve noticed lately that I have been exhausted from long days, I’ve been waking up early and actually sleeping at night.  I haven’t had insomnia in a few nights, maybe even a week I better knock on some wood.  I will be dreaming of the nutcracker market and a new bag of coffee from Firecreek.  It’s so close I can practically taste it!  See Amber, getting back into your zone is not as hard as you think it is.  It actually makes you feel better too!


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