Up rather early this morning. The best friend comes in two days and I need to clean up a bit.  Even though in real life, I’m just sitting here trying to wake myself up.  Nevertheless I’m awake and its a beautiful day!  The opportunities are endless and I’m ready to seize this day!  Hoping that I will beat the trash man, but we shall see.  I’ve been having weird dreams, last night I was attending AtM and was also running around lost.  Last night I was shopping at a Target, and kept going back, and then I was in a mall, and I was dragging along my bike, and it was raining and somehow I lost my bike.  I walked back to my vehicle thinking I left the bike there, but it wasn’t there and it wasn’t inside and I was literally away from it for maybe 5 minutes.  Other things happened too, but I can’t recall.  Well, about to get this coffee going through my veins and attack a few chores around the house.


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