Its Okay in the day, I’m staying busy

I had written a blog post at work, but I’ve been told recently that I’m writing the same thing again and again, but that’s kind of where my head has been lately.  So, instead of that post I thought I’d just try a freestyle of sorts…so here goes nothing…

In the still of the night she awakes, startled she checks the time 3:52 am.  “Are you kidding me,” she thinks to herself.  Her insomnia has been full on lately, and tonight she barely closed her eyes at 2:36.  The wind blows hard against the house, a storm is coming.  She’s wishing the rain would come faster than it is, so she could get some sleep for once.  She stares at the ceiling for a few minutes trying to will herself back to sleep but after a bit of this, she realizes she’s wide awake.  She climbs out of bed and her bare feet hit the cold wood floor.  It’s a winter month, but it’s not quite cold yet.  She walks around her empty house, wide awake thinking, “Okay…now what?”  She walks to her record player, puts on some Amy Winehouse and starts mellowing out, the artist sings of lost love, being the other woman, drinking the pain away, it all hits a little too close.  “I should be missing someone,”  she thinks, “but instead I’ve grown accustomed to this life of solitude”  She walks to the kitchen and gets out her tea kettle, puts it on the stove and waits around for its scream to pierce the silence of the night, the silence of the house.  “How did it come to this?”  She’s so exhausted but her eyes won’t close, her body feels so heavy as she pulls a tea bag out of the cupboard.  She opens the fridge, hoping to find a snack of sorts but all she sees is rotten produce, and expired milk, “Ah the single life” she thinks.  The music plays and she’s in some sort of mood, “And I wake up alone”  How long has it been since she hasn’t slept alone?  She can’t remember, it’s probably better that way.

To be continued….perhaps.


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