Who am I?

Who are you?  I’ve hated this question ever since I can remember.  The school year would begin, and every single teacher would go around the room and tell you to introduce yourself to the class.  How does one “introduce” themselves to the class?  “Tell everyone who you are,”  Who I am?  How can I answer that question if I don’t even understand it?  Who am I?  I’d usually start with, “I’m Amber,” which yes that’s true in the sense that that is my name, I am called that however, I did not choose to be “Amber,”  it was a name given to me at birth by my parents so they had a name to call me.  Amber is not who I am, it is how most people address me.  So the question arises still, who am I? I’m 29 at the moment.  I’m both as old as I could ever be, given my last breath came tomorrow, and I’m as young as I’ll ever be going forward, because I keep going forward.  Time stops for no one, especially me.  But, age is nothing but a number, still not fully answering our who am I question.  I’m a female, that’s my gender, but again, I didn’t necessarily choose to be a female, it was my gender assigned at birth.  No, I don’t plan on changing my gender, but being that it was chosen for me, that still doesn’t help with the question at hand all that being female answers to our audience, is what bathroom door I open when its time to see a man about a horse.  I can be described as funny, but funny is just an adjective about how I may act, or be perceived, still I ask you, who am I?  I’m a human, Christian, American, Hispanic, Czech, all traits that were basically decided for me, before I was even around, except for the Christian part, that I was introduced to but ultimately decided for myself.  All these things describe me, but none of them tell me who I am, in my opinion.  I am a being, of a nationality, here on this planet, pondering how to answer the question of Who am I.


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