Desperately seeking an adventure


I was catching up with my devotionals today, and one just really hit home.  It was about adventure, and how every day should be looked at like a new adventure.  I really started thinking, when I’m out on trips, my favorite thing is to hike, or climb high things.  When choosing a path, I always pick the hardest trek, because I want to get the most bang for my buck, I want to work hard so that the view is that much better to me.  If that’s the case in my spare time, why not apply this to life?  Instead of taking the hard way up the mountain, like I do on my own time, I’m taking the easy way out.  The get up at noon, throw some wrinkled uniform and sit and waste my mind on a job that I’m not entirely passionate about.  I know there’s something more to my life, I’m just not pursuing it because I’m a big fat scaredy cat.

So, my current job is not my career, I’m pretty sure I’ve discussed that here before and recently my Mamaw got it in my head that if I were to ever leave, we could do a roadtrip around America.  This has been really etched into my head as something I really would love to do because

1) mamaw is precious and  time with her would be just as precious and 2) roadtrip!  I love roadtrips and I want to see all of the states, but on my terms.

Now how do I hatch this out?  The problem lies in the fact that

a) I just bought a new car

b) my job

Now I’m fine not having money, not having insurance, not being home but realistically I have to make these payments on my car.  But, what if this adventure leads to my next step in life?  See, I’m thinking outside the box now.  If I could make my blog a profiting blog, that could be a start.  What if Mamaw and I hit the road, and I blogged from every state about what we did, along with some insight, inspirational thoughts and some feel good granddaughter-grandmother times?  What if I were able to get some sort of audience, and then later was able to turn this into my first novel?  The grinds and gears in my head are really turning.

Im single, no kids, no real responsibilities that I would be leaving behind, what better time than now to pursue this adventure?

If any of my fellow bloggers have any ideas or suggestions on how to make this happen, please, I’d take any and all advice.


One thought on “Desperately seeking an adventure”

  1. Amber, how exciting! I love your sense of adventure and the love between you and your grandmother. May the Lord work out a way for you to do your roadtrip together for a wonderful, life-impacting adventure. And I understand about the job. But I realized a while back that if my job were full-time and completely satisfying all the time, I would think I needed to invest myself completely in it, taking away time from prayer, family, volunteering, and just contemplating life. So, having a mostly very satisfying job with a lot of time flexibility works well for me (well, as does being married to someone who works full-time.. but then again, I bet you have fewer bills than we do. That’s a good thing.) Is there any way your employer might need someone to do some freelance work? Also, I am not sure what your current income is, but I wonder if you have ever considered professional photography? I think you would be super at that, and it is portable. Thoughts? Also, I am super excited to get to see you & yours on Sunday! ❤ I hope, I hope?! Love and blessings.


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