Who’s the boss?

I’m sitting here at discount tire chuckling to myself.  Yesterday one of my coworkers offered to take my hours today and I was all sorts of excited to get to Austin a day early.  Well, beforehand I had told myself that I would get caught up with devotionals and wash my dishes before I left, and neither of which were done when I started planning my trip a day earlier while I was at work.  My shift ends, and low and behold I had picked up a screw and I’m looking at a tire as flat as, well, something flat….how about a pancake.  A nice gentlemen helped me put my spare on and thank goodness for that because he had some trouble so I can just imagine how it would have worked out for me.  Once I got home, my devotional that night was about remembering who is the boss.  We get wrapped up in these ideas that our lives are our own, thinking we have everything planned out, but then here comes that screw to be picked up.  I know I should be upset, but I can’t help but smile about this flat tire.  Put it in his hands, and here I sit still leaving earlier than I thought, and a fixed tire for free I might add, and everything that should have been taken care of in the first place is done.  


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