I want to see you be brave

I think its incredibly hard for some people to be brave, I think I’m one of those people.  In life, I’ve known what I want, but yet I’m too scared to go grab it.  Even as a child, I can remember being really good at soccer, but too scared to try out for the middle school team, because I was a new kid, in a new city.  I wanted the husband, two point five kids, white picket fence, but so terribly scared that I didn’t date for years because of one bad experience.

So, how do we be brave?  Is it something that some of us come by naturally, born into it?  Is there a book I can read to learn how to be just a little bit braver?  I actually just finished such a book entitled, “Lets all be Brave” and this is probably where this blog topic is coming from.

The author, Annie Downs, tells her audience of how even though she may not have been the bravest soul out there, she used her relationship with the Lord, to be brave.  She left her home town behind, moved to another city, another country, and she did this virtually alone.  But, although at times she might have felt alone, she never really was alone, she could always depend on her relationship with Christ.

And thats the thing, although I might be terrified of something, although I might feel alone and without, I never am as long as He is with me.  Life is terrifying, when we don’t put our trust in the Lord.  For years I’ve felt at a standstill, what is my next big move?  Are you there God?  It’s me, Amber.  I am ready to embrace life, I am ready for challenge, strength, endurance, I’m ready to fall flat on my face only to be picked up and held in your loving arms.

Less talking, more doing!  I’m all talk sometimes, okay a lot of the times but I’d like to try doing one brave thing a week, one thing I normally wouldn’t do alone.  Talk to a stranger, go to a coffeehouse alone, go to church alone, work on my resume, make a new friend, one small brave thing at a time, one small step in the direction of being brave.


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