The great flood of 2016

Lately, flooding in the Houston area, has been much more extreme and often then it used to be, or at least it seems to be that way.  We had 5 people lose their lives today in the rain and floods, and basically the whole city was shutdown.  I know I couldn’t get to work even if I wanted to.  I’d say the storms came in around 3 this morning and they kept going at least until noon if not longer.  The water crept closer and closer to our house, until the rain finally slowed down enough to let the high waters recede.

We live in the Bayou City, so when those high waters come in, our bayous fill quickly and the water has nowhere to go but the streets.  There were spots so high, that whole cars just were swallowed.  When the rain gets out of control like this, we have road signs everywhere that say, “Turn around, don’t drown!”  and as I really fought and struggled with missing a day of work, I kept telling myself is it really important enough to risk my life, risk my car over getting to work?

We have people that lost their lives, their cars, their homes, it was a truly sad day for a lot of Houstonians.  I think about how blessed we are and how the storms are supposed to continue today and I’m just hoping beyond all hope that everything will be fine.  I didn’t make it to work today, and when I called to let them know, I found out that only two people had showed up for work.  How can you run an entire grocery store with two people?  They did somehow.

My mom had to mail her taxes, and my sister and I wanted to pick up our bikes from my house, so we ventured out.  We’ve been remodeling my house for awhile now and I was so scared that the new floors we just finished, would be ruined but thank goodness that was not the case, the house didn’t get any water damage.  My mom and I rode down to the post office and the destruction was terrible, water everywhere, more like lakes, abandoned cars, closed exits, and this was at 6pm.  The rain had stopped for hours.  One area in particular was hit so hard, one of the schools was being used as a shelter for the night, and the community was donating supplies for those in need, us Texans generally band together when things go wrong.

It was a scary, scary day here in Houston, but I’m glad that most people were safe, I’m glad to live in a city where people help each other, and I hope that we don’t have this all over again tomorrow.  God bless those affected by todays weather and please be with those without a home tonight, and the nights to come and also with those having to rebuild, start fresh and sort their losses.


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