It’s funny how you don’t really get over people, and you dont really realize it, until it hits you all of a sudden.  You’re filled with all these emotions like, maybe if I wasn’t good enough for them, I’ll never be good enough for anyone. So you just pull the sheets over your head and pretend to disappear.  One of these days I’ll surface again, until then I’ll just keep hiding from everyone.  I’d rather not leave my room today.


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  1. Aw, big hug! I have been there too. In the name of Jesus, I speak against the enemy and these lies he is feeding your precious heart. The truth is that you and your beautiful self are too good for that guy. I pray you get some well deserved rest then wake up refreshed and in quiet joy, rooted in the firm knowledge of your beauty and loveliness in Christ, clothed in His armor and ready to kick the tail of that lying, losing enemy of our souls. Love you!


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