New mantra

I’ve noticed that I adapt to my surroundings, I adapt to the places I find myself at, I adapt to the people I surround myself with, and lately I’ve kind of been avoiding everyone.  The reason?  Well, I thought it was me but really I think its negativity.  I’m tired of all the negative vibes, they are literally poisonous to me.  I have this great heart I suppose, in which I think I can bring everyone out of their slump but it seems like in the process I fall into theirs.  I don’t like it!  I’d like to spend some time happy, I’d like to spend some time working on myself and not others and so I’ve decided to spend some time reading some good books and drinking some good coffee and spinning some good records, and just enjoying my life.  I’m tired of being down and out.  Leave your bad vibes at the door please, good vibes only.


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