Remember when I was 25? Nah, me neither

This is the day I thought I’d never in my life get over, and now 5 years later, the only reason I even remember that day is because of Facebook.  Its funny how life changes.  How one day you think the worst thing possible is a broken heart, and an empty apartment and then you realize how trivial that is in the scheme of things.  I never needed anyone to validate me, I still don’t, and though that’s something I might struggle with still, in this deep dark heart of mine, I know it’s the truth.

I stumbled upon a verse during my devotionals yesterday, somehow I read the wrong verse, and it was nowhere near the one that was in my book, so I think someone might have had something to do with that.

“Though while he lives he blesses himself (for men will praise you when you do well for yourself)” Psalm 49:18

I’ve always had people asking me questions about my life in what I perceived to be a negative tone, are you dating, are you going to work at your current job forever, etc.  Instead of feeling down and out about the things I don’t have, let me live a life that shows how blessed I truly am.  It doesn’t matter where I am on this journey, and it’s no one elses business as to where I am on my journey.  Keyword being MY journey.  Some people take longer to get over something than others.  Some people want to do the whole 9-5 and think they’re making a difference in their field, and maybe they are, but putting someone down because their idea of structure isn’t yours, isn’t making a difference I can assure you that.

Nevertheless, I’m thankful for the life I live, the changes that continue to make me a stronger person, the prayers I’ve been sending up, to really understand who I am and what I’m here for.  I know I’ve been given a blessing with all these thoughts that are running around in my head 24/7, and if I could just get a little bit better of capturing them on the screen or on paper, that would be great.


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