I keep thinking I have all the time in the world to be “okay”  I think it’s hard for a lot of people to be “okay”  I fight with myself to have good thoughts sometimes, I fight with myself a lot lately about getting to the gym…what’s up with that?  One of my best friends is in the hospital, one of my customers just found out she’s pregnant, and what is even going on in the world right now?  Sometimes we need help from the outside world, sometimes we can’t do everything by ourselves, “Amber, sometimes you need to speak to people, and get help from people outside of your own comfort zone” I could stay in my house for days, and not feel the need to talk to anyone, it’s kind of really easy for me to fall into that.  I really enjoy alone time.  No, like I really enjoy it.  This social media world that I find myself in, gets really overwhelming to me, very fast.  Sometimes I just feel the need to log off.  I deleted my snapchat, who knew that took so much of my time away from me.  Am I using that new time wisely? Probably not.  Instead of sulking, I’ll be trying something new, hopefully tomorrow.  Stay patient readers, I have this rebirth coming, it’s coming…patience is a virtue.  Sorry for the rambling post here.


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