I took the time to share some memories of my family with the only slightly annoying older lady that I work with.  I sometimes forget that even though she can really try and test me sometimes, she is still a person who deserves to be appreciated as everyone does.  I showed her pictures of my great grandparents, grandparents, mom and dad and I realized, they are my best memories.  I had my feelings hurt by some of my closest friends, around my Birthday, and communication has stopped, with that lack of communication comes a rebirth of Amber.  Lots of quiet time leads to me attempting to learn to play the drums, reading about a book a week and diving back into listening to music which is pretty exciting not going to lie.  I’ve gotten to take multiple trips to my grandfathers cabin, which is especially special to me as we lost him last year, and its the one place here on Earth where I can really feel his presence.

My best memories are of my family, why waste time fretting about friends that come and go out of our lives?


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