Lately I’ve been thinking about beauty, and how I don’t consider myself to be a person of beauty.  The latter of that statement is silly, I know but I’m being honest.  You know how you can look at a beautiful person and just say wow that person is beautiful, I can’t look at myself and think the same.  So how do I fix that?  Avoiding mirrors and pictures is what I tend to do, but that’s not really solving my problem with myself, it’s avoiding it.

So, what is beauty? Is it something we possess, or is it something someone tells us that we havez, or we are and then we feel as though we have it or contain it?

Where did this stigma of beauty begin?  If you were to look inside me, I’d say down underneath all this physical me, you’d see a beautiful me…maybe.  If you were to ask God, He wouldn’t have the slightest wonder of what beauty is, He would tell you that he sees all his children as beautiful.

But why can’t we see it in ourselves, why do we question our worth based on beauty? Is the whole world seeing what I see, or is just me?


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