But we’re rich, and we don’t got no money

Why is it so important for us as a society to say, “look at me, I’ve suffered more than others…”  Some of us see life as a competition of just how broken we can be.  My question to you, is why?  If we are only blessed with so much time on Earth, why are we so gung ho on suffering?  I spoke to a lady today at work, whose husband shot himself, and left her behind.  She seemed so sad, so broken.  What makes someone hurt so bad, that they think that’s the only way to stop it?  My suffering is no greater than hers, and your suffering is no greater than mine, but what we as a society seem to sometimes forget, is that we each are dealt one life, one fragile decision and theres no turning back.  God sends us through trials and tribulations so that we can become better versions of ourselves.  He never intends for us not to make it through.  We’ve all been dealt our share of difficulties, I think it’s safe to say that.  Let me tell you, it is so easy to play the victim, but the problem with playing the victim, is that it becomes so easy you forget you are playing, and then you become the victim.  We live in a world where everything we say has to be PC, we have to watch what we say so we don’t offend someone, or trigger someone and don’t get me started on that word trigger.  If we can not face ourselves, how do we expect to face the world?  How do we expect to be successful if we can not first help ourselves?

I have loved ones that are in all sort of predicaments, bad marriages, single mothers, widowed, disabled, recovering addicts, survivors of domestic abuse etc, but they all choose to get up everyday and fight.  That clock keeps ticking whether you are up to see the sunrise, or you hide from it, life keeps going.  I can’t tell you how long I played victim, in some instances maybe I still do, and its hard to see how much time passes when you are stuck in the same place watching the world spin as you stay still.  The best thing I ever did, was decide that my circumstances did not make me.  When I take a step back and look around, I’ve been dealt a pretty nice hand.  I’ve learned from my mistakes, and I believe I’m a bit stronger, a bit wiser than I was.  I don’t want to look back and say man, I really wish I wasn’t too scared to do this or that, I want to embrace whatever the future holds, and I think you dear readers should too.  We aren’t victims, we are survivors!  Survivors of whatever this life has in store for us, but more importantly we are enduring this life only until we make it to our eternal one.



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