Sweet dreams are made of these

I had the most awkward yet peaceful dream the other night, and last night, well early this morning, I woke up to a bad dream which really got me thinking, as I usually do.  How do we get the amazing dreams to actually work out in real life, and how do we get the bad ones to never ever happen?  How does our subconscious know our desires as well as our fears even when we don’t?  Tonight, I sit unplugged, quite literally from the digital world as I seem to have misplaced my phone and I’m just thinking about life in general.  How am I going to wake up at 6 am tomorrow with no alarm because my alarm is on my phone and my sister isn’t home?  How will I stop for Panera in the morning when my debit card is with my phone, wherever that might be.  How do I do the simplist things without that life line of mine and when did that become such a life line to me?  One could take the thoughts to a whole nother level what with having all this time to think, and not check up on everyone.  No one is speaking to me anyway, so does the phone really matter?  How will people know I have a voice, if no one is listening anymore?  I honestly don’t think people have been listening for awhile.  When you have your feelings hurt in June, and here we are almost to the end of the year without any kind of resolution, I really don’t think anyone is listening…but that’s okay.  At the end of the day my concious is clean and clear.  I know I’m not wasting anyones time, and mine isn’t being wasted either.  I expect too much from people, I always try to fix things for everyone else, and in the process forget about myself.  No one else is looking out for me, why shouldn’t I?  Life is so funny the way it suddenly opens your eyes to new discoveries that were right in your face all along.  I look around at this life I created for myself, and I am content.  Jesus makes sure that I have all that I need, and has blessed me so much, even when I didn’t know that’s what He was doing.


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