And I can’t quite see just where it was,just where it used to be

After waiting nearly 3 months and just accepting the fact that I would never be paid from my former employer, I finally received my last check and I may or may not have jumped for joy!  (May not). It’s been a heck of a ride since quitting but a few things I’ve realized

1) Retail is terrible, and I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy…not that I have any of those.  I’d rather call them lurkers

2)Life is so much more pleasant when you aren’t wasting 40+ hours in a job you absolutely loathe, simply because you have health insurance and a steady income.

3)If you aren’t living a life that enables you to use your God given talents, are you really even living?  The answer of course, especially in my case, is no.

4)No matter how safe a job, or a friendship, or a relationship for that matter might make you feel, you weren’t meant to live a life of safety.  There is no sense in sticking with that meaningless job, or that meaningless relationship, especially when it becomes toxic.  True blessings come from living a life with Christ, and to live a life with Christ, sometimes you have to step out of that safety zone and embark upon that great unknown.

She closes her eyes, takes a deep breath and embarks upon what could be her biggest adventure yet.


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