Motivational Monday

We are a few months away from Disney, and the goal once again is to trim down a bit, but this time I have a little incentive.  We are planning to dress alike in Disney gear, and I found the cutest Frozen sisters shirt, and its only sold in the uk, so uk sizes and I just really want to be able to wear it with my sister! SO…fingers crossed!  I am reading up on some of the hidden things that people don’t always see when at Disney, and I haven’t been since I was in 9th grade so I am kind of really excited!  I’ve been dealing with issues with my back the last couple days, but I am happy to report that I did not skip Monday this week.  I am going to attempt to start a or possibly 2 Bible Studies this week, I have all the free time in the world, so why not dive into the spiritual realm a little harder than I usually do.  Fingers crossed, I was approached to write something, and nothing is final, and it’s still waiting for approval but I don’t care if it’s something small, or whatever the case may be, I’m just happy to be recognized as a writer, and possibly having a reader or two or three.  EEK!  The book I wrote for the little guy I babysit, was a huge success with him, and I just was really proud of that, and honestly even if only 15 people read that book, it still meant the world to me to receive some compliments, and actually hone my talent a bit.  Boom!


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