But, what do I write about?

When you are given basically free range to write whatever you are thinking, or whatever inspires you, what do you write about?  Faith based blogging is what I believe I started my blog to be, but have I stuck to that?  To me, my blog has been a bit dark, has opened up a world to my frustrations, but with the Lenten season among us, I’m going to attempt to make my blog more faith based, and less frustrated rants.  40 days, 40 blogs?  Perhaps…I’m not sure what if any of what I write will be something that I would want, or be proud to show, or proud to print to a church congregation type audience, but I know that it would be great to get back into the practice of writing.  In this season of reflection, I’ve got to come back to myself and really think, is this the person that I want to be?  All these life changes going on, and different paths that one could go down, how do we even begin to know which way is the right way?  This Lent, I want to really put myself on the drawing board, and really think about how I can get closer to God, how I can change myself for the better, and how to be a better Christian.  It’s time for a plan, I’m tired of this mindless day by day living, I’m ready to find meaning in the everyday struggles.  I’m ready to find meaning in every day that I am blessed with.


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