We went camping this weekend and, it rained all weekend.  We went out to Lake Livingston, every single Texas State Park was booked solid, but we managed to get the last spot there.  We left Saturday morning, and the car was packed to the top.  Good weather getting up there, good weather while setting up the tent, and then boom down came the water, and it never stopped.  We fished in the rain, took a class about the animals of the woods, in the rain.  We cooked in the rain, laid in the hammock in the rain, had smores in the rain etc.  But the best part, was that there was no tv, no radio, barely cell distractions, and we were enjoying what nature has to offer.  I have a noise machine in my room that I set to the sound of water every night, but it was nothing compared to the sound the rain made against the tent all night long.  Very peaceful, and while I didn’t get to do any hiking, or much of anything I had planned, I did get to relax, and just enjoy being outside.  We have this Texas State Park pass, and we can get in to any park for free, I really hope we get to do some more camping.  Also, I hear the wildflowers are beautiful right now, we even saw some blue bonnets on the way up to Lake Livingston, so I hope to see some of the beautiful flowers in the parks.


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