Well there’s no need to be nervous I’m not dangerous anymore.

In life I find, that you make time for the people you care about, the things you care about.  When people don’t fit you into their schedule, chances are, you probably don’t mean too much to them, and that’s okay.  Today, what I am making time for, is organization.  Ever since I started this Ebay gig, it’s kind of like boom! an explosive went off in the whole house.  So, I’ve got my records spinning, a pot of coffee brewing, my phone as far away as possible for the time being, and I’m putting in the work.  I’m tired of trying and failing, it’s time to knock it out the park.

Yesterday I sold 3 products that I paid maybe ten dollars for, probably less and made a profit of about 60 dollars after expenses.  I did three kind of big hauls the other day, so I need to keep listing before I go get more.  If you aren’t using the internet to make money, you are missing out.  Being in “transition,” (I heard this term the other day, and am now going to use it instead of my normal response when someone asks me what I’m doing, oh just hanging out) it both keeps me busy, and keeps money coming in even when I’m not “working”  I plan to take this months earnings to DisneyWorld with me.

I’ve lost 32 lbs since my heaviest weight, and that is pretty amazing.  Almost all my clothes are getting to be bigger on me, which is nice.  Enough distraction though, back to the task at hand.


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