Ebay, Easter, and Eternity.

I opened up a store on ebay finally, siftingsisters.  I have about 60 listings listed, hopefully nothing will be a problem while I am at Disney in two weeks but we shall see.  Exciting!  Moving forward into the land of unknown, and I can dig it.  I went sourcing today, and only bought three items.  I have a lot to list! I had my first return today, and though I do not offer returns, the lady was so nice with her email, I decided to make an exception plus, I think I could sell it for a bit more than what she paid when I relist it. Today I went and got my haircut finally, seems like it has been growing super fast since having left retail, but what do I know.  Today I was able to do 14 crunches in the air…so cool!  When I first started, I could hardly hold myself up!

I didn’t realize I am “working” Wednesday, so it seems I will have to miss my new member class, but I’m going to try and reschedule or something.  I am so looking forward to Easter Sunday, because I am going to be taking my Goddaughter (unofficially) to church Sunday!  I am going to buy her a new dress and hat and all that jazz because my Mom used to do that for me when I was little, and I think she will really enjoy that.  The last year or so has been really hard on her and her mom and it is just going to be a really special day.

I need to work on sleeping better, it seems as though my insomnia has come back.  Tomorrow I plan on getting started on making Minnie Mouse ears for my sister, if they turn out well, I will post on here.  Going to try to dabble a bit in new things since I have a bit more free time on my hands.  Have a great week dear readers!  Don’t forget the significance of this week, and if you would like KSBJ, the christian radio station here in Houston, is offering up real time texts during Holy Week.  If you want in on this, just text EASTER17 to 51555.  This is the third year I’ve done this, and it’s really neat, and really makes you feel a bit of the giant impact this week has on us as Christians.  Last year, it inspired me to write a poem.  A terrible thing happened, so that we would know we are so loved and so forgiven.  He is risen!


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