Insomnia be like:

Do you ever go on Craiglist and browse about?  Lately, it’s like a new discovery to me.  I like to peruse the Missed Connections section as if by chance I’d recognize someone looking for someone, or have been somewhere where someone was looking for someone.  Call it that hopeless romantic in me, but I kind of wonder what it feels like to be someones “missed connection,” or to actually pine for someone so much during a split second glance, or a simple hello, that you have to write something on Craiglist for some sort of fleeting grasp or chance at seeing that someone again.  If by chance that Missed Connection were found, would it be what you had hoped for, or would it be just another let down?  Or am I just romanticizing a stalkerish type forum?  Oh yeah, the insomnia thoughts run deep in this one.


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