Adulting so hard today

So, I’m a great big scaredy cat, I hate awkward situations, and everything is pretty much an awkward situation for me, but…

Today, I actually went to a photography class all by my lonesome.  Levy Park is hosting a photography class the first and third Thursday of every month, and I decided it was crucial to my business to go and learn to be a better photographer.  Well, my insomnia has been at an all time high the last couple of nights, and I woke up a bit late, and traffic was a bit terrible, so I was a little late.  Well, like 22 minutes late.  So that made me even more nervous but, like a champ I sucked it up and went up to a lady with a camera and asked her if I was in the right spot.  Long story short, the instructor had an English speaking group and a Spanish speaking group so she kind of split her time between the two and I had missed the English part.  But, she pointed me to the direction of the instructor and the instructor told me she would catch me up, and do you know that the class only lasted an hour and a half, I was almost a half hour late, and she stayed an hour and a half past her time to help me learn some things.  I will definitely go again, the instructor was very knowledgable and I had fun experimenting with lines and such.IMG_3964.JPGIMG_3967.JPGIMG_3984.JPG These are three of the pictures she complimented me on, while she finished up with the two groups, she asked me if I had time to stay and I have nothing but time, so she sent me off to take pictures on my own and then kind of talked me through the pictures I took.  My biggest complaint I have about my pictures are that they look too flat to me, playing with the lines and such, gave a better feel to my pictures, even I was able to notice.  While I was taking pictures on my own, I heard my name turned around and there was the lady that I babysit for and the youngest boy…such a small world!

Second big accomplishment of the day *insert drumroll please*  I actually signed up to take my Concealed Handgun License class!  Like 5 years ago, my Grandpa bought me a gun, right after the end of the abusive ex, and right before I moved into the house by myself.  I wanted one, just for protection because of those two reasons and he bought me one with the promise that I would go get my CHL.  I never had the guts to, but my uncle signed up to take his class this weekend and told me I should too, so I actually called (I hate talking on the phone) and asked questions and reserved a spot BOOM!  Taking care of business (everyday)  I am on top of my game today, I feel grrr-eat!

On top of everything, I hadn’t had a sale since Tuesday, and I sold something today for 28.99 that I paid 3.50 for.  Boom!  Hopefully I can continue perfecting the art of photography, and actually find my style.  My pictures on my store are not that great to be honest, and I want my product to move, so that is what I would like to work on.  One more pic I took today, have a great weekend dear readers!IMG_3955.JPG


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