Getting Stuff Done

Yesterday, I went before the session and, I am now a member of Heights Presbyterian Church!  Cool beans!  In unrelate news, I passed my CHL class, the instructor said I was one of the best shooters he’s ever seen with my particular gun.  “No offense to grandpa, but that’s a tough gun”  Papal didn’t do anything small lol and I was terrified of accuracy, but I did really good!  Now I just have to send off the paperwork, get fingerprinted and I’m legal to always be protected. (not that I would, but I could if I wanted)  Papal would be proud of me, and the class was really informative.  So, after like 5 years of owning a gun, and making the promise to become licensed, I am one step closer.  The new law goes into effect in September which drops the price a hundred bucks, so I may wait until then, but I kinda want that instant gratification of having it in hand.  Just have to renew my passport, and I’d say I’m pretty much all caught up with life!  Boom!


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