Instead of living in your head

Today was another photography class, the second one so far.  I am learning a lot, and my pics are developing a bit from what they were originally.  My initial complaint is that my pics are too flat, and my family bought me an awesome camera for graduation, and I didn’t want to just waste it on crappy photogaphs.

Like seriously, the depth and dimension to my pics is insane, but then again I really love yellow flowers so I found something that really caught my attention.  The one with the green lines is shot through a chair, pretty neat.  I am impressed with how far I’ve come in such a short time.  I think it is really neat, that this is a completely free opportunity to learn something new.

It is also pretty neat, that I am interacting with strangers, and doing more things on my own.  Shyness and awkwardness will always be my downfall, but I am trying, and that is the important thing.  My hope is to not only take better pics in general, but to incorporate photos with my blogs or things that I write.

I’m at that awkward stage yet again where my clothes are too big on me yet the next size down is not quite the fit that I would like yet and for that, I’m going to attempt to hit the gym even harder these days.  I’ve been working out my core lately, and I can tell that things are changing, and that is whats up!


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