You smashed a glass into pieces, and that’s around the time I left

We’re all just a little too sad for no real reason.  It’s easy to forget that we have so much going for us, today I’m choosing to remember that.  God is great, the opportunities He gives us are great, and the doors He helps us close are even better, even when we don’t want to close those doors.  Having a good week on Ebay, today I plan on listing, listing, listing!  I’ve got a huge death pile of potential money making items just sitting in the solarium.  I need some coffee, or some kind of motivation to get through it.  I like when the community talks about listing everything because we are in the business of making money, not the storage business, and it makes sense.  Right now, I have two totes listed, and one to go through and list still.  The potential is there, I just need to kick the laziness to the curb.  I’ll call this my first break of the day, time to get back to it.  Business is booming, as long as I put in the work.


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