You can’t save everyone, but you always try, even if its hopeless.  No one ever is hopeless.


Today is my Dad’s Birthday, he is really an incredible guy, I sometimes forget how lucky I am to have a Dad that actually cares about his kids.  But, it’s more than that, my dad cares about his entire family.  He is the one making sure everything gets done and I mean everything.  He is the one that hears what Mamaw has on her mind about some such project, and he gets it done.  He is the one running people up to the ranch to get the grass mowed, the wood burned, the roof fixed, he runs the whole show.  I actually didn’t get to see him today because he ran up to Lampasas to drop off the tractor, oh and did I mention we just made that 5 hour drive each way Friday?  That guy never stops, so lucky to have him in my life.


I’ve had a pretty awesome week on Ebay.  Which makes up for getting my bank account zapped clean, I suppose.  I’ve easily cleared a 100 bucks in the last three or four days, which is pretty legit for my half hearted beginners business.  Imagine if I put all of my effort into this and had everything listed…geeze, I’m working on it.  It’s a one woman project, and it takes a lot.  The community on instagram is really helpful and friendly, they all seem to push everyone along, I can dig it.  I think it’s important to have people rooting you on.  One of my better sales this week, were two cards against humanity expansion packs that I paid 79 cents each for and sold for 20 bucks plus shipping.  Gah, it’s kind of amazing what people will buy on Ebay.



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