I had it all planned out before you met me

Had my third photography class yesterday, and we worked on portraits.  I wish I would have brought a subject because, it was kind of awkward shooting pictures of people I didn’t know and also because there were a bunch of us taking lots of pictures of the same subject.  I seem to be kind of meek in crowds, the instructor kind of called me out and told me to take a turn lol.  Not sure when I became such a nervous Nelly.  Even the new member pics of me on the church website look awkward as all get out lol I just don’t like to draw attention to myself I suppose.

My instructor suggested taking the boys I sit for to the park and practicing portraits on them.  I’m actually watching them overnight, and I think we may just go do that tomorrow.  I’m finally for the first time since getting this nice camera, shooting on manual and I’m seriously thinking of buying myself a fancy new lens for my Birthday.  I think I deserve it lol.  I was shooting pictures for Ebay today, and I can already see the difference, the pictures are looking a lot sharper.  Since I have a lot of free time, I always end up staying after the class, to learn more, and discuss my pictures and we were talking about how I take pictures of clothes all the time, and hopefully next time the instructor will have some tips for me, so I’m kind of really excited about that.

Business is still going good, I kind of got discouraged because the inventory is really piling up, but me and my sister completely cleaned the entire house, including the death piles I had all over the living room, my room, and even spread into the kitchen.  We did a spring cleaning if you will, and got rid of our rug, got rid of the treadmill, trying to get rid of the drums, and just trying to get the house looking good again.  We never really invite anyone over, and we want to change that.  It’s easy to let one thing lead to a gazillion things and then the house just submitting to the mess of a small start up business.  The house looks great now, more open, less cluttered, and I actually got quite a few things listed today before work.


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