Downtown, everything’s great when you’re downtown

What a fun and exciting two days I’ve had!  I mean this both literally as well as a facetious remark.  I have officially gone to my first jury duty summons, and I was picked for a trial.  The trial was complete and utter bologna.  I can talk about it now, basically someone was suing for no reason other than deep pockets.  People these days are always trying to sue everyone.  I commuted for the first time downtown, I road metro home the first day, and to and from downtown today.  I stopped at two different eateries that I wouldn’t have had the chance to try otherwise, and I conversed with all kinds of different people from different backgrounds that I may not have had the chance to if we weren’t all stuck on that bench together.  The trial ended up being settled, the attorneys could tell we were not going to pay out for “pain and suffering” and, the ride downtown today ended up being only for 3 minutes of needing to be there.  At least I have my steps in for the day, had an awesome breakfast and I finally finished this boring book I’ve been reading for like ever.

Just started 13 Reasons Why, I recently watched the series on netflix and wanted to check out the book, because the book is always better.  I plan on reading it and then rewatching the series because I kind of didn’t really pay attention the first time.  It’s a shame people can’t talk to people about things that are upsetting them, but it’s not possible for us to force anyone to do anything they do not want to do.  I just wish people didn’t feel so helpless in life.  Because, if you stop and think about it, this busy, hectic, crazy life we live, is actually pretty friggin sweet!


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