I hate the beach, but I stand in California with my toes in the sand

The thing about letting go, is it’s a slow process.  Very slow in fact, sometimes you crawl, sometimes you break, but you always keep attempting to move forward.  Easier said than done, when you are trying to explain it to someone hurting but it is what it is.

Today was our rededication of the sanctuary/114th anniversary of the church, it was pretty neat, and one of the congresswomen were there, as well as some of the firefighters that responded to the fire a few years ago, that caused us to meet in the fellowship hall for a few years before renovations finished up.  The sanctuary is beautiful, and we had a big crowd show up, so that was nice.

I finally booked my car for my California excursion!  I saw this really Amber themed Airbnb about halfway between San Diego and San Francisco that I’m thinking of getting for my first night, it’s really neat looking and beach access is fairly close, as well as caves!  I’m getting pretty EXCITED!  It’s right off the PCH, which makes it an easy pull over, sleep and get back on down the road to my trip to Glass Beach!  I still need to get over to Best Buy and get me a GoPro, if I don’t get one, at least a new lens for my camera.

Prime Day is tomorrow and I’m going to score me something to carry my longboard on the plane with.  It’s so close I can smell my vacation, smells like salt water and relaxation, can you smell relaxation though?  Hoping to do a little sourcing as well, but I’m taking the scenic route down the coast, not sure how many thrift shops I’ll find.


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