Oh my my, but I’ve already done my time…

I asked you once if you ever thought of me, and you said no.

I wish I had that off switch too, the one that makes you forget, maybe it’d be easier to let go,

Of the people that don’t deserve to be in your life any longer.

But, I think that I just think too much.

But this time you delivered the punch.

While it sucks to say goodbye, it sucks even more to watch time fly.

I was a line in your story, you were a chapter in mine.

I’ve got a match, and this book that I’ve written.

No longer fun, no longer smitten.

I watched every word burn until the book was unrecognizable, much like you.

I picked up a new book of blank paper, and wrote you out of existence for the sake of my sanity.

I won’t lose myself again trying to save someone,

everything kind of feels chaotic,undone.

No fight left in me, I watched everything fade away into new possibilities. You’ve got to hit rock bottom before you surface gasping for air.

And for that, I thank you.


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