I’m just sitting out here watching airplanes take off and fly

I’m just over here trying to change small things daily in order to be able to change big things later. I keep thinking about how long I’ve spent feeling guilty about things that don’t matter. Something I said, something I did, I’m just trying to find my path man, and maybe I’ll stumble a little finding it, but I don’t like to take the easy trail. I like the ones where you might actually fall down the mountain.


I go out typing after midnight

I am kind of obsessed with investigation discovery.  The true crime shows are pretty interesting to me, I don’t really know what that says about me lol.

I wonder what leads us to get into those types of situations, and also the psych behind the bad guy.  What makes them tick?  What makes a victim vulnerable?  What makes someone snap.  I mean I know that too much of anything can cause someone to snap, but death, kidnapping, etc…that would take a really big snap in my opinion.  I think people don’t really value life anymore, but that’s just me thinking about things too much.

Today is the first day this summer that I’ve gone swimming, second time this year.  Today I got to take my brand new baby niece into the water and it was so great.  She is so sweet, so cute and is growing like crazy!  I know I kind of have like a blackish heart, but that girl makes me so happy, she makes me smile bigger than I ever have!  I love her to pieces!  I cant tell that she is going to love music, she loves when Tia sings to her, especially the song that never ends and ophelia (while I squat with her)  she is sure to get her aunt into even better shape than usual.



I’ll follow you into the dark

Today I was talking to the little guy I babysit, and we were talking about how he has recently started journaling, and how it’s a way for him to catch those moments he might not remember someday. I told him that it was excellent practice as well, to write everyday would help him become a better writer. So, my question to myself is, why am I not taking my own advice?

A pocketful of lips

Hey there to all you lovely bloggers in bloggerland, I’ve been a little inactive, but I’ve noticed some new followers so I wanted to say hello, and welcome to my little corner of the world!

I have been playing around with the idea of being vegan for about a year now, and it’s been a really good couple of weeks.

Lately, we’ve been doing like a family style bbq on Sundays, last week I had a portobello mushroom as my meat and it was delish! This week I had the great idea of jalapeño poppers and oh my goodness they were so good! Super simple, and as good as the real deal! I simply took a few jalapeños, rinsed them, took all their insides out to make them less spicy, stuffed with vegan cream cheese, wrapped some thawed out vegan bacon on it and garnished with a little olive oil and salt that I picked up in La Jolla last summer that has a little lime in it. (La Jolla salt co) I have been trying to be practical about what I bring back from my travels and let me tell you, this salt was super practical and delicious, I can’t wait to get back up there this summer and bring some more flavors home to try!

It’s always a great victory when I’m able to find a craving that I have for something with animal products, and replace it with vegan options which leads me to a bakery I visited this week called Crumbville. I’ve been following them for awhile on Instagram, (edubalicioustreats on Instagram) but I’m a little awkward, not going to lie, so it took me a bit to go and find it, but I’m so glad I did because oh my yum! First things first, great parking area, that’s pretty important to me as I don’t like to get stuck in small parking lots. Upon entering, the owner greeted me with a hug, when is the last time you’ve been greeted at an establishment with a hug? It was well appreciated and super sweet as were these treats I picked up! The first image is a vegan cupcake I believe they are called stuffed cups as there is a cookie baked into this cupcake oh my yum! I couldn’t eat this in one setting, and it paired awesome with a nice cup of coffee! I also picked up a vegan Oreo. It was two ginger snaps with frosting in between kind of reminded me of an oatmeal sandwich or a Whoopie pie. The ginger snaps had such an intense flavor, they really made it unlike anything I’ve ever had. My only regret, not picking up something for my sister!

I’ve had a lot of fun looking for new vegan places to try around Houston, I’m kind of a lazy vegan at the moment and it’s fun to try new places and get ideas of what is out there.

It’s a tug of war between what’s comfortable and what she really wants

Here I sit before you all in blog land, a changed woman.  And why is that you may ask?  Because, I have a desk type situation set up in my room and its pretty perfect, I’m not going to lie.  I’ve sat here putting pen to paper on all these thoughts that just roam around freely in my mind, and it feels great.  Who woulda thought that a simple desk, a simple office set up could get the creativity rolling.  This year has been odd, magical, it’s caused me to a grow as a person, and that wouldn’t be possible without the bad as well.  We’re always trying to play the bad things over and over again, but why?  Doing that just makes us stay stuck in the same situation as before.  Its okay to let go, if the end result is your wellbeing.  That’s the thing they don’t tell us, it’s okay to let go.