First day of going “vegan”

I put this in quotations because, yesterday was my Birthday and the little guys that I babysit for made me cupcakes so naturally I didn’t want to hurt their feelings by not eating one.  That being said, I didn’t slip up once, other than that.  I was talking to my sister, and it may be a slow transition from a vegetarian diet to a vegan diet, simply because I don’t want to waste the groceries that we have already purchased.  I am headed to California at the end of July, so I’m hoping a change in my diet may motivate me to stay on top of an active lifestyle.  Not only important to me to lose weight, but it is important to me to be able to head out to one of the state parks, head out to source, head out to list etc.  This whole starting my own business, has me needing to work at a pace that will allow me to get things done, product up and moved.  Today for breakfast, I juiced ginger, turmeric, spinach, cucumbers, apples, oranges and a peach and through in an apple cider vinegar shot.  I had grits, with vegan butter, spinach soy chorizo, and half a small avocado.  For lunch I had 2 pieces of tofurkey and a vegan banana strawberry bar, later I had a vegan chocolate chip cookie and probably not a vegan cupcake.  So, my first day criticism for myself, would be that I’m pretty sure I hit my sugar intake too much.  But, I kind of have to teach myself what I can eat, so it’s going to be a little bit of a process of elimination kind of thing.  We hit the gym a little, and also had a good haul at the goodwill next door.  Not too bad for a first day I would say.  I weighed in, and I am interested to see if my weight will change reflecting this change in my diet.  Hope everyone is having a great week.