Where do you go when you’re lonely?

Why do I always attract the same person?  Why do people always call me Ambers?  It’s like reliving a bad memory over and over and over again.  This dating thing is dumb, and I don’t much care for it.  Especially the online dating scene…where does an introvert go to meet new people?  Anyone?  I’m kind of really tired of the same results over and over again.  At the end of the day, I just want someone to hike with, go on adventures with, maybe go to church with, maybe go to the gym with. I’m just ready for a plus one…but not a creepy plus one.  I’m quite certain my sister will get tired of me eventually lol and it’s kind of time for me to find my own place in this world.  But, if it requires leaving the comfort of my own house, count me out!  Its like, you start talking to someone and you see the potential problems before you even make it to the first date.  Are my standards too high, I don’t think so…gah!  I just know I have heard the term glomp from at least 4 people I’ve dated and that just doesn’t seem very adult to me…but that’s just me.  Being 30, a few days shy of 31 and hearing the term glomp from someone you are considering giving a chance to is like…how old are you anyway?  Gah, it shouldn’t be this hard.  It’s not that I desperately need to have someone in my life to save me or love me because I can’t love myself, I’m just ready to attempt dating again and it just isn’t as easy as I’d like it to be.


If you’re not having fun being single…

We just got back from seeing,”How to Be Single” and you know, I really pegged it for being a funny movie and it was, but I left the theater in tears.  Way to play with my emotions there Rebel and Dakota.  The single life can be the pits, you see everyone happy together, and then. theres. just. you. all. alone.  I relish and cherish my aloneness, but at some point I need people, God invented mankind so we could form relationships, not be an island.  I think the single life can easily lead to island life.  There are days, weeks, months where I would rather not be bothered, and be left alone.  I think it’s easy for me to be an island.  But, at what point do you swim to shore and get lonesome?  At what point do you realize that, though you cherish your alone time, life would and could be better with other people around.  What do you do when all you know is the single life?

Just because it looks greener on the other side, doesn’t necessarily mean that is the truth.  I’d rather be devoted on being more Christlike myself, then worrying about someone else accepting me for being the awesomely loner weirdo I am.  That right there is easier said than done.  Sometimes what other people think about me, really seems important, but it isn’t so I don’t know why we as a society just kind of beg to be accepted.

If you’re not having fun being single, it’s time to open your eyes and reassess the situation.  Are you doing everything that you want/should be doing?  Are you focusing on your dreams before they become someone elses?