Two more exits to my apartment

You shouldn’t break yourself to try and save someone,

Especially when they could care less about how you came undone.

Trying to save you I lost me

Pushing and pulling I tried to stay

Kicking and screaming you pushed me away.

But, it doesn’t hurt anymore

I don’t wonder anymore

I think too much, it’s always been a character flaw.

But I don’t think much about you anymore, not even a little bit, Not even at all.

Except when I do,

But all I can do is sadly shake my head and frown

At Just another let down


We found each other in the dark

But, at least we saved each other from ourselves,Before we destroyed each other.I still maintain, that we didn’t know better.We were just kids, trying to grasp on to love somehow, even when we couldn’t love ourselves.Even when we still can’t love ourselves.

Oh my my, but I’ve already done my time…

I asked you once if you ever thought of me, and you said no.

I wish I had that off switch too, the one that makes you forget, maybe it’d be easier to let go,

Of the people that don’t deserve to be in your life any longer.

But, I think that I just think too much.

But this time you delivered the punch.

While it sucks to say goodbye, it sucks even more to watch time fly.

I was a line in your story, you were a chapter in mine.

I’ve got a match, and this book that I’ve written.

No longer fun, no longer smitten.

I watched every word burn until the book was unrecognizable, much like you.

I picked up a new book of blank paper, and wrote you out of existence for the sake of my sanity.

I won’t lose myself again trying to save someone,

everything kind of feels chaotic,undone.

No fight left in me, I watched everything fade away into new possibilities. You’ve got to hit rock bottom before you surface gasping for air.

And for that, I thank you.

For goodness sake, I wasn’t told you’d be this cold


I said my piece, now it’s time to say goodbye,

and I’m never looking back,

I lost too much time on this dead end track.


Words get lost in my head,

I try and try to write them all out before I succumb to bed.

But today, I’m letting that feeling of dread

leave my head, and I’m finally


going to bed.


The Thunder Rolls

Blame it on the booze,

or the pills,

or the late night feels…

Blame it on the one that got away,

or the one who chose not to stay,

or the one that wasn’t actually ever the one, not even just a little bit.



acted as a filler, something that filled the void,

until you realized that the void was something that could never be filled by a person.

A mere mortal could not fill the emptiness that you couldn’t ever describe,

couldn’t even begin to describe.

The emptiness could only be filled, as you dove deeper and deeper into the Word,

and the Word was heard and the rest,

well the rest just didn’t really matter after that.