Tales of a love sick insomniac

I love reading poetry when I can’t sleep.

Especially poetry that reads like a journal.

I flip through the pages really fast as if I’m devouring someone’s secrets.

Flipping through the destruction, the chaos and seeing how it all leads to the person you are destined to become.

Whoever that person might be.

You ache for the writer, because you can feel the pain in their bones. Because, you know that ache. That pain of feeling too much.

You wish that you could let it all out, take the pen to paper and stop all the noise in your head by assembling them into hauntingly beautiful poems.

But, if you were able to stop all the noise, what would you dream about?


The art of writing everyday

A short poem inside of a short poem. Dig kind of deep for this masterpiece 😂😃We all have a reason to say goodbye, I was yours,We all have a reason to wonder why, you were mine,

Poem #20

This is one of the poems that I wrote as part of the 30 poems in 30 days challenge.

Keep it simple

Hand in hand

I will be yours if you be mine


A strand in time

A journey that we both are part of.

The waves lapping in the sea.

I think that you are a large piece of me.

You see, I was broken for a long time then you Came to be a part of my mind and in that instant life changed.

My life changed.

Not sure how our paths crossed 

Or if this is meant to be or even if  you know how much you mean to me.

How much this means to me.

The storm rages, but your heart is my light house.  You shine my way home.

A glance at our Hero

Blanketed in the corner at the back of the closet lies my best intention.

A mere thought, a mere grasp of something great and then lost.

Shoved in the corner, next to a forgotten hobby or two, that’s where I left my last chance with you.

Scattered newspapers lie abandoned with headlines past, a time we thought would always last.  

It sets in like dust on a shelf, a book left untouched the ending a bust.  

But the quiet consumes the thoughts of the mind.  Only time will tell if our hero prevails.