Flood water keeps a rollin man it’s about to drive poor me insane

It’s flooding down in Texas and we are hurting bad.  We had water in every room of our house, basically trapped in a water filled city.  In less than 48 hours we had more water than some states have jn a whole year, and the rain hasn’t stopped and isn’t due to stop for days:  pray for Texas y’all we are hurting!



This weekend was really fun, I took off to Austin to see City and Colour, if you do not know who that is, go listen, I’ll wait…oh and you’re welcome.  It was an awesome show.  Dallas Green has the voice of a slightly tattooed angel.  Minus the fact that my feet were killing me, it couldn’t have been any better, unless I was at the front which lets be real I wasn’t going to wait in line.  This lady yelled at me when I got into our uber and said did you just take my uber?  I was like well I’m on the phone with the driver right now so I’d say no…rude people for the win.

Before the concert, this was actually Thursday, ran around Austin because, Austin.  It’s great to have a friend new to Austin, because its an excuse to act like I’m showing them around and its not just for my benefit though I am kind of benefitting because I love the area.  We went to Cedar Park and checked out Joels Coffeshop because I had seen it a few times before, and my coworkers name is Joel and I thought it would be neat to bring him a shirt or something from there.  The coffee was delicious, the service not so great, the gentlemen was kind of short with me but thats quite alright, the coffee made up for it.  Went to Lakeline Mall which, my Papal built back in the day had excellent service at Journeys and ended up with a new pair of work shoes.  So see, mean people beware, there’s someone nice around the corner to make up for bad experiences.  Had to get a pretzel cause, pretzel.  Hit up 6th street later that night, it was fun as usual.  Our uber driver that night told us that one building I always looked at and thought was pretty, was actually designed by a graduate of Rice University, and he constructed it to look like an Owl, the rice mascot in the middle of longhorn territory.  Pretty neat little factoid.

Friday I slept in, but then went to TacoDeli I believe they will be a staple of my Austin visits, afterwards next door is Houndstooth coffee, which I love Houndstooth print so naturally I had to try this at some point and really enjoyed it, so went back Friday had “Ginger in the snow” I believe was the name and it was such a masterpiece, I was scared to drink it what with it being so carefully crafted and so pretty!  It was espresso and half and half and some sort of creme brulee blow torched sugar glaze on top.  Yum!  A piece of ginger to the side and some sprinkled powder sugar on the side thus the “Ginger in the snow” part.  It was intensely delicious and a beautiful cup of wonderfulness.

Not mentioned, graffiti park as usual, love that place!  Found a dresser at goodwill, a nice probably handcrafted wood dresser I think Alec will get very good use from it and it matches the couch.  Concert was amazing, I already said that but Dallas Green is one of my bucket list artists and I’m so fortunate I was able to see him.  Did you look him up yet?  “Hello, I’m in Delaware” or “Caseys Song”  both are beautiful.  Again, you’re welcome.

Saturday, I dropped my Ravvy off at the Toyota dealership in Austin for her second oil change.  We dropped it off and then took off to go explore some creeks I had seen on a previous excursion if you will.  I randomly picked the second creek from the road and we found a place to ditch the car.  From the road, it looked like a normal creek bed, but upon further exploration, the creek was a magical water/rock oasis that I couldn’t believe we just stumbled across.  Now I’m not sure my friend was as enthralled as I was but I am a huge natural water, climbing on rocks junkie and I found my fix there.  I was climbing all over rocks, had my feet in ice cold water and I even found a rock in the water that had the numbers 97 etched into it which I found really interesting.  I had to pause and sit still for a bit to take in the atmosphere, mostly the little waterfall and write a bit.  Such a beautiful little spot.  We hadn’t ate breakfast or lunch, and I didn’t want to stop exploring but we had to, so as we walked back to the car, I was texting Mamaw and asking her if we had been there before with Papal and I heard a rustling in the brush.  A normal person wouldn’t have gone exploring but, I did and low and behold it was a red bird.  They say a red bird is a lost relative visiting from Heaven and since we were both talking up a storm about Papal, I don’t doubt it.  What a wonderful day.   

In a world of so much hate, and ugliness, its great to see nature at its finest like that, off the beaten path a little.  God’s kingdom is so full of beauty if you stop and look around a bit.




Amber, I’m not going to ask you again to take your spoon out of those poppy seeds!

Growing up, my great grandma would fuss at me every time I “helped” her make kolaches and goodness gracious that woman could make some kolaches!  I have yet to fully enjoy a kolache like I used to, since she passed because, no one made them quite like her.  Kolaches were a staple of my childhood, as well as a Texas favorite!  I mean, this Czech/mex kid here lived for holidays simply for the fact that there would be homemade kolaches and tamales overflowing the table!  Poppyseed was and always will be my favorite, followed by cottage cheese kolaches (sounds gross, but they were delightful) granny also made prune, (gross) Apple, lemon and cherry but I never touched those, saved those for the grown ups.  I can remember being about 5 years old and having more flour on myself then on the actual kolaches.  But even though I didn’t necessarily learn how to make kolaches, it was the bonding and spending time with granny that I loved the most as a kid.  To watch her put so much effort into every little detail of these yummy pastry delights, even though I didn’t know it then, was like a metaphor for life. You love something so much, and you want your product to come out just right and be something you are proud to serve your family with, then every little detail is important.  The effort she put into these little kolaches was something I never had seen before. Every little detail was important to the overall product.  If you skip the yeast, the kolaches wouldn’t rise.  Too much yeast, the kolaches would be out of control!  Mix up the salt/sugar ratio…hurl!  Bad flour? Throw the whole thing away cause there was no saving it. Same prep went in with her homemade noodles and boy let me tell you, granny could make a mean homemade chicken noodle soup it soon became the only part of thanksgiving/Christmas dinner.  86 the turkey and dressing and give me the soup!  So back to those noodles though, to prepare them she would first make the dough, then let it rise in these great big bowls with her kitchen dish towels over them and don’t think she wasted that time that the dough was rising, simultaneously she was making us kids lunch and watching her soaps and honestly probably working on a quilt all at the same time.  Wonder Woman right there!  After the dough rises, she’d roll it out and cut them into strips, or noodles and put them on newspaper in the sunroom to dry all day.  The best thing about those noodles was the way there was no uniform to them.  Sometimes you’d get a long thin one, other times you’d get a short fat one, but they were all equally delicious!  Granny’s projects, were always all day projects.  She never took shortcuts, and that’s the thing.  This day and age we are all about finding the shortcuts.  I’ll be the first to admit it.  I’m always looking for a shortcut!  I work in the afternoons til late evening then I workout until the early morning and then most days I sleep til 11 or 12 get back up and do it all over again.  I don’t want any parts of the a.m. If granny was around, she’d be up at 5 getting everything done throughout the day and sleeping at night like a normal person!  As far as kolaches go, I wouldn’t have the patience not to mention the patience enough to do something that took longer than an hour to prepare but hey that’s just me.  And to be honest, an hour is stretching it.  You’re talking to the kid who seasons chicken breast and throws it in the oven and just kind of prays it comes out right!  This blogger leaves you with this question though, in a generation based in instant gratification, who’s going to make the kolaches?