In honor of #noplasticjuly I finally made my own reusable grocery bag out of an old T-shirt. It was super easy, and I can’t wait to actually put it to use! I’m kind of a hoarder of concert tees, and I hate to part with them, but there are quite a few that I have no intention of wearing ever again, and this way I get to save/repurpose some of them. Boom! I’d say I’m about 95% better with the ear infection so perhaps my insomnia will be better. Happy 4th y’all!


Everything’s just cherries on top

So today, I’m reviewing these

Forbidden rice ramen with miso soup. I scooped these up at Whole Foods the other day because, as stated in a previous blog post, I am a newish lazyish vegan and I’m always looking for grab and go because, I just don’t put forth the effort as I should. I love ramen and the color of these intrigued me they cooked up pretty beautifully and the texture was super soft and the noodles are super flavorful. I was impressed! We are about to get a Whole Foods near my house, and I’m so excited! They’ve taken all of the decent grocery stores out of my hood, so I’m constantly having to grocery shop 30 mins away from home or so, so to have some decent vegan options 10 mins away will be awesome! Shoot I’m honestly even thinking about dropping an application there, but I’ve kind of grown accustomed to my entrepreneurial type life style 😂😂😂 it gives me the free time to spend with my family, my new niece and gives me the opportunity of traveling. But anyway, go try this ramen it’s delish! Or don’t…I’m not your mom!

A pocketful of lips

Hey there to all you lovely bloggers in bloggerland, I’ve been a little inactive, but I’ve noticed some new followers so I wanted to say hello, and welcome to my little corner of the world!

I have been playing around with the idea of being vegan for about a year now, and it’s been a really good couple of weeks.

Lately, we’ve been doing like a family style bbq on Sundays, last week I had a portobello mushroom as my meat and it was delish! This week I had the great idea of jalapeño poppers and oh my goodness they were so good! Super simple, and as good as the real deal! I simply took a few jalapeños, rinsed them, took all their insides out to make them less spicy, stuffed with vegan cream cheese, wrapped some thawed out vegan bacon on it and garnished with a little olive oil and salt that I picked up in La Jolla last summer that has a little lime in it. (La Jolla salt co) I have been trying to be practical about what I bring back from my travels and let me tell you, this salt was super practical and delicious, I can’t wait to get back up there this summer and bring some more flavors home to try!

It’s always a great victory when I’m able to find a craving that I have for something with animal products, and replace it with vegan options which leads me to a bakery I visited this week called Crumbville. I’ve been following them for awhile on Instagram, (edubalicioustreats on Instagram) but I’m a little awkward, not going to lie, so it took me a bit to go and find it, but I’m so glad I did because oh my yum! First things first, great parking area, that’s pretty important to me as I don’t like to get stuck in small parking lots. Upon entering, the owner greeted me with a hug, when is the last time you’ve been greeted at an establishment with a hug? It was well appreciated and super sweet as were these treats I picked up! The first image is a vegan cupcake I believe they are called stuffed cups as there is a cookie baked into this cupcake oh my yum! I couldn’t eat this in one setting, and it paired awesome with a nice cup of coffee! I also picked up a vegan Oreo. It was two ginger snaps with frosting in between kind of reminded me of an oatmeal sandwich or a Whoopie pie. The ginger snaps had such an intense flavor, they really made it unlike anything I’ve ever had. My only regret, not picking up something for my sister!

I’ve had a lot of fun looking for new vegan places to try around Houston, I’m kind of a lazy vegan at the moment and it’s fun to try new places and get ideas of what is out there.

First day of going “vegan”

I put this in quotations because, yesterday was my Birthday and the little guys that I babysit for made me cupcakes so naturally I didn’t want to hurt their feelings by not eating one.  That being said, I didn’t slip up once, other than that.  I was talking to my sister, and it may be a slow transition from a vegetarian diet to a vegan diet, simply because I don’t want to waste the groceries that we have already purchased.  I am headed to California at the end of July, so I’m hoping a change in my diet may motivate me to stay on top of an active lifestyle.  Not only important to me to lose weight, but it is important to me to be able to head out to one of the state parks, head out to source, head out to list etc.  This whole starting my own business, has me needing to work at a pace that will allow me to get things done, product up and moved.  Today for breakfast, I juiced ginger, turmeric, spinach, cucumbers, apples, oranges and a peach and through in an apple cider vinegar shot.  I had grits, with vegan butter, spinach soy chorizo, and half a small avocado.  For lunch I had 2 pieces of tofurkey and a vegan banana strawberry bar, later I had a vegan chocolate chip cookie and probably not a vegan cupcake.  So, my first day criticism for myself, would be that I’m pretty sure I hit my sugar intake too much.  But, I kind of have to teach myself what I can eat, so it’s going to be a little bit of a process of elimination kind of thing.  We hit the gym a little, and also had a good haul at the goodwill next door.  Not too bad for a first day I would say.  I weighed in, and I am interested to see if my weight will change reflecting this change in my diet.  Hope everyone is having a great week.